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Part 3, Project 5, Exercise 2, Study of a townscape using line

Mill line drawing.
mill over two pages quick skt
Sketch across two pages


For this exercise I was to use two sketchbook pages to make a preliminary drawing , establish the primary focus and any other shapes and object i thought necessary to make the drawing interesting and unexpected. Make notes about the weather conditions and how they affect my approach to the drawing. Then complete a study using pen and  ink or black drawing pen using my preliminary drawings.

Did my preliminary drawings give enough info for my final piece? Not without a photograph there were too many angles to get correct in the field and the weather way too bad to sit for long, so I did a rough sketch. When home I practiced the chimney.  I had drawn this view before in a quick sketch in a silhouette form trying to get a feel of a John Virtues way of working and earlier in the year from a photo. It is not easy to get the angles correct as the buildings are on various cambers. I would not like to have drawn it from photograph alone as there are certain aspects you cant see. When I drew the chimney from a photo a few months ago, I got the windows in the wrong position, they are not central to the building, but I couldn’t tell from the photo. Neither do I think you get the same depth or angle to your view, you can see and choose in the field. I live near enough to go back and look at the buildings to make sure I was getting certain aspects correct. However if I was drawing something like this any distance from home I would have to wait for better weather in order I could make more preliminary sketches. I made note of eye level and when home drew a red line to make sure I knew where it was and it didn’t get lost among the line.

As mentioned weather on the day was very windy, cold and not bright enough for any real shadow, but at least it wasn’t raining. I knew the direction of the sun on the buildings should be to the right as I have noticed the way it falls on them before and have a photo from some time ago showing its position. My preliminary sketch was done around 11.30am.

If I was to do it again I would work on the shadow more I feel I lack tone within this drawing as my mark if very fine, also I would wait for better weather in order to make more sketches. Unfortunately  doing outside work whilst trying to keep to the set time frame of the course is difficult, there is often no other choice than to work with what you have at the time.

The other thing I would like to work on is my perspective.  I was really worried about doing this drawing and maybe I should have sat in a Cafe and drawn something simpler in the field, but for reasons I cant explain I really wanted to draw these buildings they have a majesty about them. Having drawn them I feel more confident with perspective, although I would be pushing it if I said I felt confident.

I have learned you can never do too many sketches and getting perspective correct can be difficult in the field, I think unless it was a simple drawing at the moment I would need photographs to get all the angles correct.