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Project 3, Part 4, Exercise 4, Energy



For this exercise I was to ask my model to adopt a dynamic position, lifting an arm, twisting the hips, turning the head, stretching the arms or walking. Work on sheets of A3 paper using charcoal, brush pens, or other tools that allow for broad and sweeping marks, quickly sketch the figure. Tr to convey the sense of energy in each pose. I wasn’t to worry about details but concentrate on the sense of movement in the figure. I was also to experiment using abstract marks that depict movement in my sketchbook.

I didn’t have a model for this occasion so I used New Master Academy’s models. I did each one in about 5 minutes each. I used wax pastel, charcoal, graphite, pen and ink. Pen and ink wasn’t so successful as my pen didn’t work correctly and  ended up using a fine liner.  My media was used with quick strokes and my subject was drawn in a dynamic pose. The ballerina was an exception I used a photograph for that one as I had seen the pose a few days before the exercise and thought the pose was elegant and showed the beautiful curve a human body can hold. I enjoyed this exercise and felt the lose drawings were helping me concentrate more on the shape of the body and its proportions.

I then did a series of exercises in my sketchbook first using single marks of curves and graduating on to quickly drawn lines and infill patterns using curves and swirls. Finally I thought I would put them all together. I looked at a webcam of Falmouth Harbour, where energy could be seen emanating from various areas. Seagulls, waves, sails, trees, water, people which were all moving and showing  movement. I made an artwork that portrayed all the energy I could see within about 20mins of viewing the scene. I used various media and started by blocking a faint background with charcoal. Watercolour was used very weakly dripped on the paper to give runs indicating movement within the scenery and showing a little colour. Then next step was to add the shapes of waves, birds, people, boat sails masts etc. I did this using various media depending on depth of tone, thickness, and application. The exercise was finished with further watercolour drips. I was pleased with the explosion of movement and enjoyed developing the scene as it was fun and carried less of a need for accuracy, it was more about movement and being pleasant to the eye.

I learned that movement can be depicted by various means, the subjects position, but also the way a line is shown and the addition of accent points around a moving part and to an extent the media use itself as in the watercolour drips.