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Part 3, Project 4, Exercise 1, Parallel perspective, an interior view


For this exercise I was to draw a view inside through a  doorway. Look for my eye line. I was sitting so I estimated this was just where the red line has now been drawn. Without the use of a ruler I was to draw the perspective. I have drawn this view earlier in the course but I live in a small cottage and there isnt any other choice. Even with this previous practice my straight lines leave a lot to be desired. For some reason I was really nervous about this exercise and I am not sure why.

When finished I was to check my perspective by drawing the lines in using a ruler, which I did in green.

Well I wasn’t as far off as I thought, but wasn’t totally accurate either.

It is interesting exercise to see just how close/far you can be just using your eye. I wasnt that confident before sketching this picture and am still not, as this is the hardest part of drawing for me.  I learnt from this exercise that if you want complete accuracy in your drawing you are better using a ruler to guide you.