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Assignment 5,Choosing my subject

I looked at various animals sketching and looking at the way in which I could portray them within my work of art. I had decided to do a drawing with texture and after discussion with my tutor would like to marry the outdoors with animals. The major problem I have with this is the time of year, trying to get naturally occurring animals in the winter is difficult. I looked at various animals and in the end decided on drawing deer.  Above are a few quick sketches of various animals. The two more finished drawings are from a couple of vary obliging animals, the rest of the time it was just really quick sketches. The goat seemed awfully interested in what I was doing although I am not sure it liked my sketches as it ate some of my page! The goose, I really wasn’t sure who was doing the studying.

Not only did they appear in the wood where I live, I love drawing trees. When starting this course my first studies included the charcoal drawing of Odilon Redon’s Two Trees. It is an atmospheric drawing which I found inspirational and still do. I also love the atmosphere and drama in the painting of The Cenotaph by John Constable. Trees have a beauty of their own and are very tactile, which making them a good subject for a textured piece.