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Part 2, Project 4, Exercise 4 Monochrome.

For this exercise I have to work towards creating an image in a single colour – combining natural and man-made objects and contrasting materials. I was to select a medium that suited my subject. Lightly sketch the composition, considering my view point. As I worked I was to begin building the colour looking at the way light hit the subject. Capture detail and contrasts. When finished I had to be critical. Look at the subject again. See what I have managed to capture effectively and what hasn’t worked as well.

To start my critical analysis, I think I capture the wood effectively and the light on its surface from the candle reasonably well, but I feel the Ivy was a little flat and I have failed to give it the look of being alive and have not managed all the highlights on the leaves as well as I wanted. This may be in part the monochrome nature although I feel I could have portrayed them better with just Graphite. I chose to use Pastel, Derwent Coloursoft and Faber and Castell pencils. I think these suited the subject well, the fine pencil leads, giving me the ability to create a lot of detailed marks. Composition is fair and pleasant to the eye, but I would, if time was not an issue, of tried a few more sketches to make sure my perspective and composition were more accurate. My placement is slightly out showing the base lopsided I noticed this when I sketched the picture but it takes time to get the ivy accurate and I felt as I am already behind with the course, it was best left..

candle uni_edited-1

uni candle sketches20815