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Part 3, Project 3, Exercise 2 Foreground, middle ground, background

view for uni


I had difficulty with this as I had to put 4 scans together and the picture warped when applying the water to the watercolour pencils. I had to choose a sketch or photograph establish a foreground, middle ground and background.  Use A3 paper, pencils, graphite and water-soluble pencils.

I chose to use a photograph of an area I return to every year in the Lakes. If I was able to draw it in the field I would have chosen a slightly different  view as the foreground looks little angled due to the rock position. I made a pre-sketch of the water to get its appearance correct, I also had a small field sketch in graphite which I had drawn last year of the same Lake different viewpoint.


water 22049


My foreground is the bank of the Lake and just a little of the water. I used heavy marks to show shade and cleft in the rocks and shadow.

Mid ground was water which was hard to depict depth, was drawn using the size of the ripples on its surface and colour towards the bank, you could see the brown surface under the water so it looked more brown/blue in appearance.

Background was just after the start of the land at the back, so I used colour and less detail as it receded into the horizon. On the left, the land was nearer that the right so I included more detail and heavier shadow.

I drew this picture using graphite and then applied a few layers of watercolour pencil, then a wash. This action removed my actual sketch marks in areas, so I lost the graphite detail, some were put back at the end, with graphite and coloured pencil.¬† I don’t like the texture watercolour pencils give, probably because I haven’t mastered the technique to use them.

I feel I managed to fulfill the brief, but if I was to take this drawing further I would chose another part of the Lake, or add a boat or two to emphasize the middle ground even more and give the picture some interest.